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  • What precautions are recommended for cleaning and maintaining wood?
    Cleaning and maintenance of wood: • For cleaning, use a soft cloth, dampened with water, and dry with a soft flannel. • Never use solvents, alcohol, acetone, thinner, abrasives (steel sponge), detergents or any other product containing soda or acids to clean and remove stains. • In Garden products, to maintain the vividness of the wood color and protect against the action of humidity, an annual coat of the same protective paint is required. Cleaning and maintenance of wood with lacquer and metallic paint: • For cleaning, use a soft cloth dampened with water and dry with a soft flannel. When necessary, use a cloth dampened with mild soapy water. • Never use abrasive products or materials that could harm the surface.
  • What care is indicated for cleaning and maintenance of Metals?
    The steel, stainless steel and aluminum furniture (weather resistant) receives PU paint. Striking and bumping can permanently damage the finish. Cleaning and maintenance of metals: • For cleaning, use a soft cloth, moistened with a solution of water and neutral soap. Afterwards, wipe with a cloth dampened with water. Then dry with a soft cloth. • Remove dust periodically with a soft, dry cloth. • Never use abrasive products, solvents, chlorine, steel wool or similar.
  • What care is indicated for cleaning and maintenance of fabrics?
    Sierra has a wide variety of fabrics, with different compositions and suitable for different uses. Each one of them has its own characteristics and are subject to shade variation, according to the manufacturing lot. They may also change color due to exposure to sunlight and/or artificial light. Fabrics with synthetic fibers in the composition can, with intense friction, form peeling (little balls). Contact with dark clothes, such as jeans or some suede, can stain the fabric, especially the lighter ones. The fabrics indicated for the Garden line are 100% acrylic, permeable to water and maintain color fastness to light. Cleaning and maintenance of indoor fabrics: • Always refer to the fabric composition label. It contains specific guidelines for cleaning each type of fabric. • In case of occasional dirt, such as liquids or greasy products, immediately remove the excess with absorbent paper or a clean cloth. • Some stains can be cleaned by applying a solution of warm water and liquid detergent. Then rub the spot with the help of a sponge. Remove excess soap with a sponge and clean water, after letting it dry naturally in the shade. • Do not use solvents or bleach. • Remove excess dust periodically with a dry cloth. • For heavier cleaning, dry cleaning by specialized companies is recommended. Cleaning and maintenance of Garden Line fabrics: • Always refer to the fabric composition label. It contains specific guidelines for cleaning each type of fabric. • Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid dust accumulation. • Wash only with water and neutral soap, using a soft sponge or damp cloth. • Do not use chemical or abrasive cleaning products (alkaline or chlorinated), as well as hard bristle brushes or pressure machines. • In printed fabrics, avoid excessive friction, so as not to remove the pigment. • Avoid prolonged contact with oily substances (creams and suntan lotions) to avoid staining the fabric.
  • What care is recommended for cleaning and maintaining natural leather?
    Natural leather must be treated as a single piece, as we cannot obtain equal or uniform skins in nature. Signs that are characteristic of the animal's life may occur, such as wrinkles, scars, porosity, grains and textures. Therefore, even going through the same finishing and dyeing processes, each batch can and will experience variations in its finish, mainly in colors, tones and textures. This is normal and cannot be considered a manufacturing defect. Cleaning and conservation: • Remove dust with a soft cloth, if necessary, use a cloth dampened with water only, drying immediately afterwards. • Avoid pressing too hard, never use any type of chemical or abrasive product. • Avoid direct contact with metals or other abrasive materials, as these items can scratch the skin. • Do not expose the piece of furniture to direct sunlight or a very hot place. When necessary, have a professional cleaning and hydration with a specialized company.
  • What precautions are indicated for cleaning and maintenance of Screens and Ropes?
    The fabrics used in Sierra furniture have polyester yarn produced with a perfectly smooth surface, therefore, non-porous, designed to resist external aggressions. Cleaning and maintenance of screens: • For daily cleaning, remove dust with a soft cloth or feather duster. If necessary, use a damp cloth only in water, drying immediately afterwards. Avoid pressing too hard. • Never use any type of chemical or abrasive product.The ropes used in Sierra furniture are produced for use in Garden environments. However, in prolonged use and direct exposure to the weather, they may undergo a slight change in tone. Whenever possible, protect your furniture when not in use. Cleaning and maintenance of the ropes: • For cleaning, use a soft sponge dampened with water and neutral detergent. • For heavy cleaning, use running water, neutral detergent and a soft sponge. Never use a high pressure jet or apply too much force to avoid damaging the structure of the rope. • Preferably dry in the shade.
  • How does the warranty on Sierra products work?
    Sierra furniture is guaranteed for 03 years, if used under normal conditions, against manufacturing and component defects. This guarantee does not cover defects caused by improper or abusive use, lack of care, natural fading of fabrics or wood, broken glass or scratches arising from use. The warranty request for Sierra products must be made directly at the store where the product was purchased, and it is the consumer's duty to present the product's Invoice. The provision of Technical Assistance will not extend the product warranty period.
  • Termination of warranty, Sierra warranty is automatically terminated by:
    The Sierra warranty is automatically terminated by: • Expiration of the warranty period (03 years); • Non-compliance with any of the recommendations contained in the product manual; • Misuse, neglect or lack of periodic maintenance of furniture and/or decorative objects; • Adjustments to furniture and/or objects, repairs or alterations to their original characteristics, carried out by professionals not authorized by Sierra.
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